We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You - BSL Interpreted Performance


Hexagon Theatre Reading, Queens Walk, Berkshire, Reading RG1 7UA
We Will Rock You

WE WILL ROCK YOU tells the story of a globalized future without musical instruments. A handful of rock rebels, the Bohemians, fight against the all-powerful Globalsoft company and its boss, the Killer Queen; they fight for freedom, individuality and the rebirth of the age of rock. Scaramouche and Galileo, two young outsiders, cannot come to terms with the bleak conformist reality. They join the Bohemians and embark on the search to find the unlimited power of freedom, love and Rock!




Sign Language Interpreted by:

Donna Ruane

Date & Time:

Thursday 28 April, 2022


Hexagon Theatre Reading

Contact details:

0118 960 6060


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