Photo of Donna Ruane by Alain Bety BSL Photography Project.
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Welcome to Theatresign's training services section

Theatre Interpreting Courses & Workshops
Trainers: Donna Ruane RSLI & Alexandra Shaw RSLT of Theatresign Training Ltd

Theatresign ran its first training course in 2009. In the years to follow, this course evolved into a series of courses designed to address the interpreting needs of specific genres of theatre. 

Theatresign is proud to be the main provider of sign language interpreted performances in the West End and in the regions and has established a reputation for providing high-quality services.  We provide interpreters for single performances and for long running shows, which include West End and UK touring productions.  This regular provision enables Theatresign to provide unique training opportunities to BSL Communication Professionals. more ....

Interpreting Comedy (TSLI+)

Training venue: The Other Palace, London Victoria SW1
Date: Friday 28 June 2019
Trainers: Donna Ruane RSLI and Alexandra Shaw RSLT

Ha ha very funny....... was it?

Interpreting comedy can be one of the most daunting challenges an interpreter can face. This one day workshop will equip you with tools to tackle comedy in a way that visually matches the 'gag', while providing plenty of practical opportunities to put your interpretations to the test. more ....


Interpreting for Musicals (Level 6+)

Training venue: The Friars, Aylesford, Kent
Date: Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 September 2019
Trainers: Donna Ruane RSLI and Alexandra Shaw RSLT

During these two days you will be navigated through the preparation required to develop a stage ready interpretation of a Musical.  Using scripts and music from West End hits we will explore various aspects of preparation including script comprehension, musicality and audience design. more ....


From the Page to the Stage: An Introduction to Theatre Interpreting (Level 3+)

Training venue: Palace Theatre Manchester
Date: Saturday 5 October 2019
Trainers: Donna Ruane RSLI and Alexandra Shaw RSLT

This one day workshop is designed to provide an introduction to the various aspects of the theatrical interpreting domain and is open to those with Level 3 and above. As well as being an introduction to professional Theatre Interpreting, it is highly recommended for school/college plays or those who are involved with amateur drama or youth drama groups.  more ....


We Will... We Will... Rock You! (Level 6+)

Training Venue: Theatre Royal Nottingham, Theatre Square, Nottingham
Dates: Friday 29 November & Saturday 30 November 2019
(including an interpreted performance of WE WILL ROCK YOU at 7.30 pm on Thursday 28 November 2019)
Trainers: Donna Ruane RSLI and Alexandra Shaw RSLT

Using We Will Rock You as our source we explore the challenges of interpreting a rock musical.  We will identify key factors in how we create and deliver our interpretation and quite frankly - go a bit Ga Ga doing it... more ...


Exploring Shakespeare (Level 3+)

Training venue: Shakespeare's Globe, New Globe Walk, London SE1
Date: Date to be announced
Trainers: Donna Ruane RSLI and Alexandra Shaw RSLT

This course allows us to explore Shakespeare's works and how we may begin to approach its beauty using BSL without losing the essence of the source language.

Course participants will attend an interpreted performance. more ....


Making It Visual (Level 3+)

Training venue: TBC
Date: New date to be announced
Trainers: Donna Ruane RSLI and Leigh Bish (Deaf Instructor / Qualified Assessor - BSL Levels 1-6)

Have you ever seen a story told in BSL and thought - 'Wow, they make it look so easy??'

Want to learn how? more ....


Hands in Harmony (Level 3+)

Training venue: Festival Theatre Edinburgh, Nicolson St Edinburgh
Date: Sunday 17 March 2019
Trainers: Donna Ruane RSLI

Every one is having a go at signing songs these days - whether it's as part of a choir, at home while developing BSL skills or in front of a camera all over social media.  This one day workshop will help you to strip back lyrics, hear and feel the beat and musicality, and produce a meaningful and enjoyable translation for anyone communicating in sign. more ....



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